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3D Architectural Visualisation and Photo-Realism
by Applause Digital Media


3D Visualisation

We provide a 3D visualisation service creating photo realistic simulation across a wide range of applications including: architectural 3D illustration, product modelling, conference and exhibition event visuals and video and television set background for green or blue screen applications as well as real world animation that can be delivered in the form of high resolution still images, HD or standard video.

It is often the case that clients need to see the end result of a project or proposed concept and design prior to committing. In those circumstances it can be a real advantage to be able to show exactly how things will look. You might want to demonstrate packaging in variety of colours and label designs, illustrate how seating will work in a particular event venue or just show how good stainless steel, glass, acrylics and marble can look in a new build. A significant advantage in high value projects where expensive materials and high cost labour will be involved.

Add animation and you can fly them through Peter Pan style, take a micro journey through places a camera wouldn't fit. Video footage can then be supplied as full screen DVD or streaming content for web viewing and download.

We run a small independent digital media studio operating on a small footprint and this enables us to offer real value and affordable media to our client base. Although the 3D services we offer are a new thread to our business we have been working with our clients over some 20 years, providing innovative media solutions. We are now rapidly extending our 3D visualisation portfolio and will continue to update and engage with potential customers.

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